JEEP CJ7 Wrangler Cherokee REDLINE K 551 M WEBER Carburetor Kit

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REDLINE WEBER K 551-M, 32/36 MM DGV Carburetor Kit


4.2L 258 Cubic Inch straight 6 cyl w/Carter 2bbl

* Before 1978, choose any kit, then for direct mount cable bracket kit 99007.114, order separately.
** 99010.600 adapts the Weber Carburetor (with minor modifications) to the O.E. air filter assembly.

* 78-on
258 cid
4.0 ltr, 4.2 ltr
ALL w/ 2bl
Carter BBD
K 551 Economy E.C. 1 32/36 DGEV 22680.033B 99004.551 99007.551 99217.332S 99005.068 99005.551
K 551 S Economy E.C. 1 32/36 DGEV 22680.033B 99004.551 99007.551 99010.600** 99005.068 99005.551
Weber Part K 551 M K 551 M Economy M.C. 1 32/36 DGV 22680.005 99004.551 99007.551 99217.332S 99005.068 99005.551
Weber Part K 551-38 K 551-38 Outlaw 38 E.C. 1 38 DGES 18930.020 99004.551 99007.551 99217.332S 99005.065 99005.551

Drawing on our years of off-road championship race proven experience REDLINE now delivers the HORSEPOWER  and DEPENDABILITY needed by  off-roader's for the JEEP family of vehicles. These kits represent our boldest step yet into the off-road market place. REDLINE has engineered a package you would expect from a winner.

  1. Complete and universal fit (based on engine size)

  2. Horse power gains of up to 22%

  3. Improved fuel economy

  4. Significant gains in torque and drivability.


REDLINE has produced a complete range of retrofit  performance and replacement conversion kits for the AMC / JEEP FAMILY. This includes kits that fit the work horse Jeeps of the 50’s right up to the very latest Sport Utility vehicles  (CJ's and Cherokees). These kits are designed to replace the 1bbl Carter YF and 2 bbl BBD type carburetors on the 232 and 258 inline 6 cyl. Engines without replacing the manifolds. REDLINE also includes kits for the 4 cyl. Engines with either a 1 bbl Carter or 2SE Rochester and the 2.8 V6 with Rochester 2SE


These kits from REDLINE are supplied with everything you need to go from out of the box to off-road. The kits include:

1.    Pre-jetted carburetors (sea level baseline)

2.    Adapter to fit the Weber to manifold.

3.    Linkage kit to fit cable or rod linkage.

4.    New chrome washable air filter.

Simple and complete instructions for installation and tuning.



More horse power and better economy ?.

That’s your choice with the 32/36 DGEV progressive conversion. REDLINE delivers up to 18% hp increase over the stock factory carburetor as well as up to 10 –20 % in fuel economy improvements (depending on your driving style).

Just plain power ?. REDLINE has put together kits using our larger 38 DGES synchronous carburetor. For any Jeep that has had its engine pepped up this kit is a must. What your give up in fuel economy improvements is more than made up in pick-up. Even if your engine is in stock trim this is the best performer the only cost is a little less fuel economy improvement. Surprise there is still a fuel economy improvement over the stock factory unit. This kit provides more radical acceleration and more bottom end torque while maintaining the same top end performance as the 32/36 DGEV. 



About Redline : Premier Distributor of Genuine Weber Carburetors (made in Spain) . Redline has over 30 years of research and development of premium conversions kits using Weber carburetors. Jetting specifically for each application insuring great performance and drivability . Supplies Many quality parts to support Webers 

  1. All kits require minor installation modifications and basic mechanical skills and hand tools.