Kawasaki H2-750 1972-75 Top End Piston Kit

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Kawasaki H2-750 1972-75 Top End Piston Kit 71.5mm 0.5mm Over KTK03-0.5

  • Top End Kit Includes
  • Forged Piston made in Germany Mos2 coated for break in
  • 3 Pistons / OE# 13029-051 71.43mm Clearance 0.07mm
  • 3 Head Gasket / OE# 11004-049
  • 3 Base Gasket / OE# 11009-028
  • 3 Intake Gasket / OE# 16062-016
  • 3 Exhaust Gasket / OE# 18067-008
  • 3 Wrist Pin Bearing / OE# 13033-027

VintCo has all new Top End Piston kits to help you keep the ride going!  These complete top end kits come with everything you need to get your rebuild done easily and cost effectively.  This kit includes three high quality VintCo Piston kits (piston, rings, pin and clips), top end bearings and a full top-end gasket kit (head gasket, base gasket, intake gaskets, and exhaust gaskets for entire top end).  All components are made with modern materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure an as good or better than OEM fitment and performance. This Kawasaki H2-750 1972-75 Top End Piston Kit 71.5mm (+0.5mm over), will save you 10% compared to buying the pieces individually.  The OEM part numbers are provided to ensure an exact fitment as well. More size options are also available.