Porsche 356 912 Weber carburetor conversion kit 40 IDF REDLINE K 290XE WEBER KIT

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Porsche 356 912 Weber carburetor conversion kit 40 IDF REDLINE K 290XE WEBER KIT

REDLINE K 290 XE, Carburetor Kit w/ Zenith

Porsche 356A 356B 356C 356SC S90 1955 - 1965

Porsche 912  1965 - 1969

Dual Weber 40 IDF Conversion Kit

Redline performance kit designed to replace the stock Solex 40PII-4 or Zenith NDIX


Before choosing your REDLINE  kit


1.      When choosing a kit or carburetor there’s a few things we would like you to know, please take a few minutes. Think about how you use your vehicle and what you want to accomplish. We have kits that range from a stock performance replacement for a worn out O.E. carb, to absolute race performance carburetors. There are many differing levels in between like the OUTLAW 38, the absolute in two-barrel bolt on performance. The performance gains you receive will come from the choices you make now.

Do you plan to add headers later on?  Will you be rebuilding the motor with bigger pistons and a cam? These modifications will affect your choice.

2.      Due to the newer fuels and the variation of fuels across the country we need to make sure that all customers know that if they have upgraded any of the system or modified the engine in any way they will need to do minor calibration adjustments. Usually these changes will be to the idle circuit, which is external and readily accessible. REDLINE has a Jet kit available for the PROGRESSIVE and OUTLAW SERIES carbs.

3.      We have done our best to pre-calibrate all kits; The base line is for a factory stock motor. On the PROLINE performance kits, due to a varying level of performance modifications (mild to wild) and because of the desire of many consumers and a history we have gathered, we under calibrate the highest performance range, to be street usable. Many people like the larger 45/48-mm carb's but use them in non-racing applications. We calibrate all kits for street use and drivability. This is not to guarantee that no additional calibration will be needed on these kits.

4.      Always check your factory fuel system. The REDLINE only requires 2.5 to 3 Lbs. of fuel pressure. Many newer systems use higher fuel pressures. You will need to add a fuel pressure regulator to these systems.

5.      When installing a new carburetor or fuel systems component always install a new fuel filter.

6.   The DCOE and IDF ultimate performance family of carburetor are not compatible with a vacuum advance distributor system. You will need to recurve your distributor or adjust the timing to compensate. You may also want to purchase a performance mechanical distributor.