TOYOTA MR-2 Flywheel 13405-22020

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TOYOTA MR-2 Flywheel 13405-22020

2000 - 2005 Toyota MR2 Spyder (1.8L 4cyl; 5speed; Except Sequential Gear)
1998 - 2008 Toyota Corolla (1.8L 4cyl; fits 5-speed only)

LuK by Schaeffler - Clutch Kits and Systems

Providing clutch repair solutions in a single box.

The clutch lifespan depends on the level of use, wear and tear. No clutch lasts forever, a typical replacement happens between 60,000-100,000 miles. There are a several scenarios that can cause your clutch to wear more quickly.

If you’re a city driver that loves providing connection between the transmission and you – and don’t want to give up your manual clutch - stop-and-go city traffic increases wear and tear on your clutch versus the open highway, therefore, it’s more likely your clutch will wear out faster. 

Towing, off-roading and performance driving are also reasons you might need to replace your clutch sooner than you hoped for.

When it comes to replacing your clutch, it’s important to avoid a common mistake by not replacing the flywheel and hydraulics at the same time. Pairing new parts with inferior release systems or a non-matching flywheel could lead to unnecessary and costly comebacks. 

Luk clutches are the #1 recommended clutches by installers - trusted by both OEM and aftermarket partners. 

If you are experiencing any of these issues – it may be time to install a new LuK clutch. 

  • Slipping gears, causing temporary loss of acceleration
  • Burning smell when accelerating from a stop
  • Grinding sound while shifting between gears
  • Clutch pedal stays near the floor, or feels soft when pressed (for manual transmission vehicles)